Guitar Chords for Kids

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kids guitar chords sheets
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You can find a bunch of free guitar chords charts on the internet but none of them are really made for kids. Guitar teachers know quite well that guitar lessons for kids should be designed that is fun for them. The younger children are the more you need to entertain them. You can’t just hand them any dry teaching material for practice at home

Since guitar lessons for young kids require a quite different approach, we had the idea to design material aiming at children. Standard chord sheets are not really logical for little kids to understand at the first glance. The following guitar chord sheets are the first step to provide you as teacher some kids-friendly material to teach them the basic chords on guitar.

The chord sheets are designed in a way that kids can easily understand them. The tab for a chord is laid on the guitar neck with the left hand. Numbers indicate which fingers to put on which guitar string. In plus each chord sheet features a black white animal to paint out.