1/2 Guitar – The perfect student guitar for kids

12 size guitar1/2 size guitars are very popular for young students since the age between 5 and 8 years is the perfect age to start learning guitar. Guitars in this size are also called 34 inch guitars. Kids in this age are already enough matured to learn something seriously and capture things easily. These small guitars for children are also very famous among travelers and backpackers thanks to the small size. However, a 1/2 guitar doesn’t measure just the half of a full size guitar. Instead, it measures the half of the scale of a standard size guitar.

In this article, we are going discuss the different guitar types and present you the best 1/2 guitars.

Nylon string, steel string or electric guitar?

If it’s not the first guitar for your child, you could consider also getting an acoustic steel string or an electric guitar (an electric guitar also comes with steel strings). Since your child has already developed hand and finger strength, steel strings wouldn’t be a big issue even for young fingers. You should ask your child before if he feels like trying a new guitar type and talk with his guitar teacher about this idea. In any case, at some point almost every child has the wish to try out an acoustic steel string or electric guitar (since these guitar types are played by the big rock and pop stars). Given that many students start between 5 and 9 years learning the guitar, the market is full of 1/2 size guitars from well-known manufacturers (e.g. Yamaha, Cordoba).

Best 1/2 classical guitars

As just said, the market for kids guitars is dominated by 34 inch guitars. And most of them are classical guitar with nylon strings because most children in this age are beginners. 

Let’s start with a brand that you probably knows although you have maybe nothing to do with musical instruments: Yamaha. The huge manufacturer Yamaha offers also student guitars in different sizes. The Yamaha CGS 102A is great student half size guitar for a really fair price. It features a spruce top which ensures a good sound quality. The intonation of Yamaha guitars is normally really accurate as well as the action is pretty low , which makes it easier to press down the strings. They also stay in tune for a long time and are nicely finished. That’s definitely a beginner guitar to recommend. They are also available in a bundle where a bag, additional string and a tuner are already included. I also started playing on a Yamaha guitar and don’t regret it. I still love my first Yamaha guitar.


Yamaha CGS102A Bundle

Cordoba C1M

Pyle Junior Guitar Bundle

Another nice 1/2 size nylon string guitar is the Cordoba C1M 1/2 which features also a spruce top. Cordoba is a leading manufacturer of classical guitars and their guitars are designed in typical spanish style. It doesn’t come with a gigbag or any other accessoires. So make sure to get those items when buying this guitar, such so at least gigbag, tuner and capo and a pair of strings). It has a lovely finish and sounds quite full for a 1/2 size small guitar. Considering the quality of this instrument the price is really reasonable. Same conclusion as for the Yamaha student guitar: you can’t do anything wrong with buying this one. Both instruments are great entry-level guitars and are worth buying.

If your budget is quite limited, then take a look at the Hohner HAG250P. It costs only about the half of the classical guitars. You can’t compare this guitar with a kid’s guitar from Yamaha, Cordoba or Ortega since quality regarding the finish and the sound are pretty lower. The out of the box setup may vary (sometimes quite alright, sometimes is the action too high). A guitar to consider for parents who are on low budget or who are not sure if their child will stick with the guitar or not.

One of my favorite ones is the Ortega R121. Ortega is not a really popular brand in the U.S. but on the way to get well-known. Originally the brand is from Germany and you can find the guitars over there in many guitar shops. In my opinion this student guitar doesn’t sound only great it also looks really beautiful. It comes with a high-quality gig bag and strings from D’Addario. A good gigbag is especially important when your child wants to go to guitar lessons in order to protect the instrument and to transport it easily and comfortably. The guitar is from the Oretga Family Series and they offer all other guitar sizes as well.

Best 1/2 acoustic guitars

If your child is already playing the guitar and needs to move to a bigger size or simply wants to get a better guitar, then an acoustic guitar might be a good choice.

If you are looking for a 1/2 size acoustic guitar, there are not too many options on the market. You can find models where the product title says 1/2 guitar but when looking at the description you see that they have a smaller scale and 1/4 guitars instead.

Oscar Schmidt OGHS Natural

Oscar Schmidt OGHS Blue

Oscar Schmidt OGHS Pink

The only 1/2 acoustic guitars I want to recommend here are from Oscar Schmidt. For a small size acoustic guitar, you can’t expect the sound of a full size dreadnought guitar. They seem to be quite solid and well constructed. Beside the natural version they are also available in blue and pink. A colorful guitar can make a difference for many young kids!

Best 1/2 electric guitars

Electric guitars are also equipped with steel strings but they are a way thinner. In addition to that, the action of electric guitars is quite lower than on acoustic ones. That’s why a child can also start on an electrical guitar since the strings may hurt the fingers in the beginning just a bit more than nylon ones.  There is not a large choice of 1/2 size electric guitars but there is one model which is exactly the guitar most guys are looking for. 

SX is not a very well-known manufacturer but it offers some 1/2 electric guitars that look pretty nice and solid. They already come in a package, which is a great bonus for beginners and parents.It comes with all necessary equipment, such as amplifier and cable.

SX RST Package Sunburst

SX RST Package Purple

You can’t expect a lot from this small amplifier but it includes a headphone, so that the child can play the guitar without making too much noises. Once, your chould gets more serious about playing the electric guitar, you can get a better amplifier. The Fender Frontman 10G and the Blackstar FLY3 are some really good amplifiers for beginners. They are small and have already a cable included.

Fender Frontman 10G

Blackstar FLY3

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