3/4 Guitar – Acoustic and Electric Guitar for Youth

34 size guitar3/4 size guitars are for young students between 8 and 11 years. They are also called 36 inch guitars. This guitar size and 1/2 size guitars are the most sold student guitars for kids and youth. Most kids and youth start learning guitar between 6 and 10 years at school or with a private guitar teacher. That’s exactly why there is a huge choice for this guitar size on the market. Besides, the guitar size doesn’t refer to the total guitar length but to the scale. The scale is the distance between the bridge and the guitar head that measures about 3/4 of a full size guitar.

3/4 classical nylon, acoustic steel string or electric guitar?

Since 3/4 size guitars are one of the most sold guitars on the market there are many different models from various manufacturers available. First of all, you need to know if you want to get a classical guitar with nylon strings, an acoustic guitar with steel strings or an electric guitar.

A classical nylon string guitar is always preferable for kids and young beginners that just start playing guitar. Nylon strings are more comfortable on the fingers and easier to press down. This helps a lot when playing the first times on the guitar.

However, for older kids and youth who are already knoe playing the guitar, the circumstances are quite different. They have already developed some hand and finger strength and may be ready for the switch to a steel string guitar. A steel string acoustic guitar or an electric guitar might be a reasonable choice in this case. An acoustic steel string guitar sound louder and much fuller. It’s the typical guitar sound we know from pop and rock music.

Best 3/4 classical guitars

A lot of young students and beginners start with a Yamaha guitar. Guitar teachers often recommend this guitar brand for the good price quality ratio. I also love Yamaha guitars because all of models I have played from this brand were just so comfortable to play and had a really good sound. I started playing the guitar on Yamaha and I still like to play on this beginner guitar. That’s why, I highly recommend also Yamaha guitars for kids and beginners.

The Yamaha CGS103A is a 3/4 size youth guitar and it’s really worth the money. It’s a nylon string guitar with a spruce top, which ensures a good sound quality. For the neck Yamaha has chosen Nato which I find quite comfortable to play. All in all, it has got a very good finish and a nice sound for a reasonable price. It’s a high recommendation for all parents looking for an affordable guitar under $150.


Yamaha CGS103A Bundle

Vangoa Classical Guitar

J&Z Beginner Bundle

There are acoustic-electric guitars, which means that come with a pickup system. They can be connected with an amplifier if you want to play live. It can be also used for recording. The classical guitar from Vangoa is a 3/4 beginner guitar that comes with such a pickup system. Vangoa is a pretty unknown guitar brand since it isn’t on the market for a long time. The pickup system features also a tuner, which make tuning the guitar super easy. The quality and finish look really nice. Regarding the price, you won’t find any better 3/4 acoustic-electric guitar with nylon strings.

If you are looking for a more low-budget guitar, I would consider the bundle from J&Z. Again J&Z is not famous guitar brand but rather a manufacturer for cheap and simple beginner guitars. The bundle includes all necessary things you need to get start, like a strap, some picks, a tuner and a capo.

Best 3/4 acoustic guitars

There are some nice acoustic steel string guitars in this size. Yamaha has got also a great 3/4 size steel string guitar for kids and youth: the Yamaha FG JR 1 which is a really great guitar. I already had the opportunity to play on it and it was a lot of fun even if your are not a child. It lays just very comfortable in your hands and the sound has got his own little magic.

In my opinion this is the best 3/4 acoustic guitar for kids. The value for money is incredible good and your child will definitely use it later on as a travel guitar. It comes in a package with a gigbag and a tuner, which are really important when starting playing the guitar. Read my review on this Yamha 3/4 guitar for more details.


Yamaha JR1

Little Martin LX1

Oscar Schmidt OG1FYS

Martin has the reputation as being one of the best guitar manufcaturer in the world. Many popular artists and music groups play on Martin guitars. The Little Martin LX1 is the smalltest guitar from this manufacturer and aims. Even Ed Sheeran played this guitar. The sound is pretty stunning for this size thanks to the solid spruce top. I have already played this guitar several times and wanted to keep this one as a travel guitar. It feels so nice and comfortable to play. It’s well made and the quality is excellent. The acoustic guitar is a bit more expensive and if the price is not a big deal for you, then it’s worth getting this one especially for children who play already the guitar. In this case you don’t have to worry about giving up this new hobbys. They will adore this one in comparison to their previous guitar.

If the Martin guitar is too expensive and the Yamaha JR1 doesn’t look cool enough, then take a look at the guitars from Oscar Schmidt. Oscar Schmidt is manufacturer that has a guitar building history of more than 100 year. They are well-known for their good beginner acoutic guitars. The Oscar Schmidt OG1FYS is a nice starter guitar with a solid sound and a good finish. The guitar is available in flame yellow sunburst, natural, red and black and I am sure one of the models will attract your child as well.

Best 3/4 electric guitars

There aren’t many 3/4 electric guitars on the market but there a few nice electric ones in this size. In contrast to acoustic steel string guitars, a young beginner can start with a electric guitar. Electric guitars have also steel strings but they are thinner and the tension of the strings is much less. So, it’s easier to press them down, which hurts less the finger tips in the beginning. However, I would still go with a nylon string guitar for a beginner, unless the student is really motivated to play a electric guitar. For example, if the favorite music is rock music and most of the songs he loves include electric guitars, then you should go for an electric guitar.


Squier Mini Strat Bundle

SX RST 3/4 Bundle

LyxPro 36 Bundle

The Squier Mini Strat is one of the best electric guitar for kids I know. I already reviewed the Squier Mini Strat in a separate article. The instrument is available in many different colors, like sunburst, blackred and pink for girls. Squier is a brand that belongs to the famous electric guitar manufacturer Fender. So, you can take it for granted that a manufacturer like Fender knows how to build great guitars. I really like playing on the Mini Strat. It has a beautiful finish, it’s well made and looks really good – just like the electric guitar from any rockstar. The guitar is also available in a complete bundle, which means that all additional accessoire you need to get started is already included. These are mainly the cable and an amplifier to get a sound out of an electric guitar.

If you are looking for a more low-budget electric guitar, then there are some options for you. There are some less-known brands that also offer some pretty good electric guitar. The 3/4 guitar from SX is quite similar to the Squier Mini Strat regarding design. The LyyxPro36 looks a bit different and is something for you if you don’t want the typical standard electric guitar design.

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