Easy Guitar Songs for Kids

nursery rhymes for kids

Do you want to play nursery rhymes on guitar for your child or are you just looking for some easy guitar songs for kids for your next guitar lessons? In this article you are going to find a list of kid songs for guitar that easy and fun to learn. Most of the songs are popular nursery ryhmes and already known by most of the kids.

easy guitar songs for kids


Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

twinkle twinkle little starTwinkle, Twinkle, Little Star is one of the best-known lullaby in the US. Most of the parents have already sung it during bedtime for their child. And that’s why most of the kids know this song so well.  Whether for parents or children, it’s a great and easy song to learn on guitar. It requires only a few basic guitar chords.

Chords Required: G, C, D7
Chords, Tabs and Sheet Music for Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

The ABC Song

abc songThe Alphabet song is a great nursery rhyme for preschoolers. At nursery schools it is sung in order to teach children the English alphabet. If you are a nursery teacher for example, this one is you song to learn. It requires only four chords and even the fingerpicked version of the song is a good start for beginners.

Chords Required: C, F, G
Chords, Tabs and Sheet Music for The ABC Song

Frère Jacques/ Are you Sleeping?

brother johnFrère Jacques is a French nursery rhyme, which has been translated in most of the languages in the world. It might not be the best-known song for kids in the US but it is definitely the easiest guitar songs for kids. You can play it only with one chord. Of course, there are also different guitar versions with more chords. But a beginner should learn at first this very simple version. Knowing your first song on guitar is a huge motivation to keep going.

Required Chords: C
Chords, Tabs and Sheet Music for Frère Jacques/ Are you sleeping?

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Happy Birthday To You

happy birthday to youHappy Birthday To You is a very catchy and simple song to sing. It’s the best-known song in the English speaking world. Everybody knows the lyrics of this song and that’s already a good basic to learn a song on guitar. Thanks to its shortness and the simple chords that are used it has to be on our list of the easy guitar songs for kids.

Chords Required: C, G, F
Chords, Tabs and Sheet Music for Happy Birthday

Baa Baa Black Sheep

baa baa black sheepBaa Baa Black Sheep is a short and an old nursery rhyme, which is easy to play on the guitar. The melody is the same as for the songs Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the Alphabet Song.  Only three basic guitar chords are required for this beginner song.

Chords Required: G, C, D
Chords, Tabs and Sheet Music for Baa Baa Black Sheep

Old MacDonald Had a Farm

baa baa black sheepOld MacDonald is one of the most popular children’s songs in the kindergarten and at school. It’s also a perfect song for every guitar class with kids because you only need three guitar chords and you have the possibility to build other activities around the content of the song.

Chords Required: G, C, D
Chords, Tabs and Sheet Music for Old MacDonald Had a Farm

Mary had a little Lamb

mary had a little lambAnother very famous nursery rhyme is Mary had a little Lamb. The song with it several verses tells a really nice story and it’s actually based on a true event. It’s a great song for beginners on the guitar because you only need two basic chords.

Chords Required: C, G
Chords, Tabs and Sheet Music for Mary had a little Lamb

Wheels on the Bus

wheels on the busThe Wheels on the Bus is one of our favorite songs for kids. It’s such a popular song that it’s sung in many other countries as well, either in English or in a translated version. It has seven verses but it’s very easy to remember because of it’s simple structure.

Chords Required: D, A
Chords, Tabs and Sheet Music for Wheels on the Bus

Row, Row, Row your Boat

row row row your boatRow, Row, Row your Boat is a really short children’s song but also one of the easiest songs to play on the guitar. It’s also a great activity song where you can play on the guitar and kids imitate rowing a boat.

Chords Required: C, G
Chords, Tabs and Sheet Music for Row, Row, Row your Boat

Humpty Dumpty

humpty dumptyHumpty Dumpty is a nursery rhyme with a lot of theories of its origin. The lyrics don’t even mention an humanlike egg but that’s what we have on mind today. This song is very good exercise for quick chord changes.

Chords Required: A, D, E
Chords, Tabs and Sheet Music for Humpty Dumpty

Five little Ducks

humpty dumptyFive little Ducks is a sweet little nursery rhyme, which teaches kids the numbers and some counting. In addition to that it’s pretty easy to play on the guitar. It requires one advanced chord but the changes between the chords are easy to learn.

Chords Required: F, C, C7
Chords, Tabs and Sheet Music for Five little Ducks

Yankee Doodle

yankee doodle nursery rhymeYankee Doodle is a traditional American patriotic song that originated during the Revolutionary War era. In the beginning this song was sung to make fun of the disorganized colonial “Yankees”. But over time, the song has become an enduring symbol of American patriotism and a popular nursery rhyme as well!

Chords Required: G, D, C
Chords, Tabs and Sheet Music for Yankee Doodle

Itsy Bitsy Spider

itchy bitsy spider songItsy Bitsy Spider tells the story of a spider’s journey to overcome weather obstacles while climbing a waterspout. The song’s repetitive structure, coupled with accompanying hand movements, provides an engaging and interactive musical experience for children. Since you can play it only with two basic chords, it’s also a perfect beginner song on the guitar

Chords Required: C, G
Chords, Tabs and Sheet Music for Itsy Bitsy Spider

Jingle Bells

jingle bellsJingle Bells is a big classic during Christmas time and not only in the United States and United Kingdom but all over around the world. It’s still a beginner song but it requires a few more chords than most of the easy guitar songs. However, this classic Christmas song shouldn’t be missed!

Chords Required: G, C, D7, A7
Chords, Tabs and Sheet Music for Jingle Bells

O Christmas Tree

o christmas tree“O Christmas Tree”, also known as “O Tannenbaum” in its original German version, is a beloved Christmas carol with lyrics celebrating the beauty and faithfulness of the Christmas tree. This timeless holiday classic has transcended its German roots to become an internationally recognized carol, with translated versions in many languages. Same as Jingle Bells this song was originally not written as a Christmas song!

Chords Required: G, C, D7
Chords, Tabs and Sheet Music for O Christmas Tree

Silent Night

silent night christmas song“Silent Night” is a Christmas carol known and loved all over the world. Its origins can be traced back to a small village in Austria, where it was first performed in a church in 1818 during Christmas. Thanks to the traveling Austrian workers and singers, the carol has gained quickly popularity and is today one of the most translated songs!

Chords Required: G, D, C, Em
Chords, Tabs and Sheet Music for Silent Night

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