Old MacDonald Had a Farm – Chords, Tabs and Sheet Music

twinkle twinkle little starOld MacDonald had a farm is one of the most popular children’s songs. The lyrics are easy to remember and very catchy. It’s a great nursery rhyme to build activities on. The song is about a farmer called Old MacDonald and his many animals that he keeps on his farm. Why is this song so much fun for children to sing? Because each verse of the song changes the name of the animal and its respective noise.

The writer and the origin of the song is not known. It has been published the first time in a soldier’s song book called “Tommy Tunes” in 1917, a collection of world war I era songs. The song had the title “Ohi” and the lyrics were very similar to the version we know today. However, the nursery rhyme has to be older than that. References to earlier versions of the song have been found and it has been even published in the UK before. There are indices that a song, which is quite similar to the Old MacDonald had a farm, has been used in operas in the 17th century.

Lyrics and Chords for Old MacDonald

The song is pretty easy to play on the guitar with guitar chords. You only need three chords. Two of them are basic chords, which are G and C. The third chord you need is D, which is not a very basic chord but still easy to learn. If you or your students can’t play the D chords, this song is a perfect introduction to it.

GOld McaDonald Chad Gfarm. E – I –D E – I –G O.
And on this farm he Chad some cGhicks.D E – I – E – I –G O.
With a cGhick, chick, here, and a chick, chick there.
GHere a chick, there a chick, everywhere a chick, chick.
GOld MacDonald Chad Gfarm. E – I –D E – I –G O.

Sheet Music and Tabs for Old MacDonald

The easiest way to play a new song on the guitar is the usage of guitar chords and to strum them. But once you are good in playing chords and strumming, it’s time move to the next level, which is finger-picking. Download the tabs and even the sheet music for Old MacDonald had a farm for free!

Old MadDonald had a Farm Printables

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