Row, Row, Row your Boat – Music Sheets, Tabs and Chords

row row row your boatRow, Row, Row your Boat is a popular children’s song. The first known publication of the song is from 1852 when the song has been published with similar lyrics but with a different melody. The song with the melody we know nowadays has been first recorded in 1881. So, it’s a pretty old nursery rhyme but compared to many other children’s song it’s actually still a recent one.

There are also alternative versions of the song to make it funny or to parody it. In addition to that, Row, Row, Row your Boat can also be an interactive singing game for kids where the kids sit opposite each other and imitate rowing forward and backward with joined hands.

Chords and Lyrics for Row, Row, Row your Boat

The nursery rhyme Row, Row, Row your Boat is one of the easiest songs to play on the guitar. There is probably only Brother John, which is still easier to play. You only need two basic chords, which are C and G, and you just have do two chord changes. So, it’s a perfect song for guitar beginners.

CRow, row, row your boat
gently down the stream.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
Glife is but a dCream.

Music Sheets and Tabs for Row, Row, Row your Boat

Once you master the chord version of the nursery rhyme, you can move forward learning the fingerpicked version. Therefore, you can either use the tabs or music sheet if you know how to read music. Reading music for those simple songs is in general not difficult and quite fast to learn. The PDF download is coming very soon.

Printables for Row, Row, Row your Boat

Make your guitar lessons and playing more fun for kids! The Ebook Easy Guitar Songs For Kids features printables of the song Row, Row, Row your Boat! Check it out!

row row row your boat guitar

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