Toddler Guitar – Why Toy Guitars are the better Choice

toddler with toy guitar

Can we say the earlier we introduce our child the guitar, the better since the brain is still developing and has a lot of flexibility?  It’s definitelty not wrong to introduce already a toddler to the world of guitars. And with the world of guitars I refer also to toy guitars which are often unconsidered when talking about guitars for toddlers and young kids: Toy Guitars. Depending on the age, a toy guitar can be the much better choice than an actual guitar.  There are even toy guitar for babies that can stimulate quite well a child’s interest.

The advantages of Toy Guitars for Toddlers

A real guitar is not a toy. If you have already a guitar at home, you can give it a try. Let your child try to strum strings or some chords (help your child by pressing down the chords). However, it’s quite likely that you’ll see your child playing around 10 minutes and then the magic of the guitar is just gone. Even if you have a small body guitar, such as a 1/4 guitar (the smallest one you can find on the market for kids), the instrument will be first of all too large for a toddler. In addition to that, a child under 4 years doesn’t have the required concentration to learn an instrument properly and that’s why I don’t really like to consider a real guitar for the little ones.

Guitar Toy Plush
guitar plush toy

– from 0 months
– simple and affordable
– great gift for babies

VTech Guitar
baby einstein toy guitar

– from 6 months
– quality toy in a very nice design
touch board allows real strumming

BCP Electric Guitar
electric guitar toy

– from 3 years
– comes with a guitar, amp and microphone
– available in many different colors

However, there are good alternatives for toddlers and even babies who already admire guitars: various toy guitars. You can find a lot of toddler guitars for boys and girls on the internet (some are really good and some are of rather poor quality). A good toy guitar is a good introduction to the world of guitars. They allow even the youngest children to explore the shape of the instrument and its main parts (neck, body, head), as well as the typical guitar sound with some of the toys.

The most important thing is that even a toy guitar makes your child feel like a little guitarist, and that’s what really counts, because it keeps the motivation up. Your son or daughter will have a sense of achievement. Some toy guitars for toddlers also help with brain development, motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Toddlers love colorful and shiny things. They love pushing buttons and exploring the results. Toddler guitars are designed with these things in mind. They come in a variety of colors and designs, including famous cartoon characters. It won’t even be hard to find a bright pink guitar for girls. Many also have lots of easy-to-use buttons to create sounds.

Recommended Toy Guitars for Toddlers and Babies

Good toy guitars are without doubt quite cheaper than a real instruments. For around 20-40$ you can already find a great toy guitar. Let me present you in the following some toy guitars for every age.

BCP Electric Guitar

From 3 years

electric guitar toy

Many young kids dream to be a rockstar. Young children who like rock music also want an electric guitar. A real electric guitar would be too much, as you firstly have to play it and also set it up correctly with the amplifier. The situation is different with a toy electric guitar. The BCP electric guitar* does that job and looks like a real electric guitar. They can connect it with a toy amp and press buttons to let play some songs while strumming around. The package also comes with a microphone, so they can really feel like a little star on stage and put up a show! The guitar is available in different color, for example in pink for girls.

VTech Zoo Jamz Guitar

From 18 months

vtech toy guitar

Every toddler and little child likes animals! So, it seems like to be a great creative idea to combine the shape of a guitar with a giraffe. The VTech Zoo Jamz Guitar* looks very appealing to kids. The buttons on the head are used to play different songs and animal sounds. Kids can change the tune of the guitar from acoustic to electric and experience the different guitar types. The tail of the guitar adds different sound effects while playing.

Baby Einstein Electric Guitar

From 6 months

baby einstein toy guitar

The Baby Einstein Electric Guitar* is a really nice toy guitar. It comes without any strings but you can strum it like a guitar because it has a touch board that responds to strumming. So a young child can easily strum it like a guitar, create different melodies and sounds. I have already tried this one out and was convinced of the concept because it’s easy and fun as well as it gives good possibilities to be creative and not just pressing buttons.

einstein toy guitar review
einstein toddler guitar review

Skip Hop Baby Toy Guitar

From 6 months

baby toy guitar 6 months

If you are looking for a good toy guitar for a baby then I recommend you the Skip Hop Baby Toy Guitar*. The guitar is made in an avocado style head. The baby can press the buttons or spin the avocado pin to make it play some melodies, songs and riffs. It’s one of the rare toys you can find for such young kids.

Guitar Toy Plush

From 0 months

guitar plush toy

There are also plush guitars* on the market that are suitable even for very small babies. Such plush guitars are more of a nice gift for parents with a newborn child where the father or mother is an enthusiastic guitar player. Because at such a young age, the child naturally does not yet realise that it is a guitar or not.