Teaching Ukulele to Kids: The first basic Chords

ukulele chords for kids
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Ukulele lessons for kids don’t exist everywhere are also quite costly. Ukulele is not the hardest instrument on earth. In contrast, learning to play ukulele is much easier than guitar and consequently a perfect instrument for kids. Some of the easy basic chords require only one finger. In addition to that, the ukulele neck is much thinner, which makes it much easier to play for children and it has got only 4 instead of strings compared to the guitar.

However learning should be fun and that is essential for kids in order to keep them interested and motivated. If it’s too theoretical they will become frustrated and give it up quite easily.

When learning an musical instrument it is important to have right at the beginning some feelings of success. Otherwise you would tell yourself that it’s too complicated and you will never make it. Starting by learning the basic chords won’t be too hard and when strumming just something that sounds correctly and similar to what we know it will definitely create a feeling of success.

The following chord sheets for kids can be downloaded for free, so that you can print them out. Either as parent or teacher you can support them by learning these basic chords. The sheets are designed in a way that children can easily understand them. The tab for a chord is laid on the ukulele neck with the left hand. Numbers indicate which fingers to put on which guitar string. To make them more interesting for kids each chord sheets features an animal to paint out.