Why a Guitar is a good choice for kids?

3/4 kids classical guitar

The guitar is a wonderful instrument that gives us endless musical possibilities. Learning how to play guitar is not only a challenge, but also one of the most enriching and exciting experience your child can make during his free time.

9 reasons why a guitar is the right instrument for kids

There are some advantages of learning how to play guitar in comparison to other musical instruments. Here are just a few of them why a guitar for kids is a great choice.

  1. The sound is not too loud thanks to reduzed guitar size
  2. Playing guitar motivates children to sing along
  3. With a guitar, you can address every music style, from country to rock, from classic to jazz, … there are really no limits
  4. There are many guitar songs for kids that are made off easy chord progessions. Those songs are easy and fast to learn.
  5. Compared to other musical instruments like pianos, kid’s guitars are not too pricey (a good guitar which makes fun to play costs you about $150). The same applies for guitar equipment. In case your child gives up playing guitar, you can easily sell it. A quality guitar does not lose its value.
  6. It is an instrument easy to carry and to transport. So there will be no problem to take to any birthday parties to play a song for example for the grandma or to a campfire during the summer.
  7. And of course, playing guitar is cool and especially if kids or teenagers can claim at school that they know how to play guitar. It is also a great advantage for boys when they want to impress their little love.
  8. Finally a fact that applies to every musical instrument: It is a free time activity which stimulates and develops the creativity of your child. At the same time it helps developing its hearing. Moreover, scientist highly recommend that kids should have the possibility to make music because it increases the concentration and reduces stress.
  9. If your kids are spending too much time on the front of the TV or Computer, a guitar can be for sure an effective solution to change that situation

Get the right guitar for your child

Are you convinced that the guitar is the right choice? Is your child motivated to get started? Then you should get a good guitar. Please take into consideration that are different sizes of guitars for kids regarding their age and height.

4-6 Years
1/4 Guitar

Stagg C505
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5-8 Years
1/2 Guitar

Yamaha CGS102A
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8-11 Years
3/4 Guitar

Yamaha CGS103A
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From 12 Years
4/4 Guitar

Yamaha CGS104A
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Do you know TED? There is a great education video on how playing an instrument benefits your child’s brain. Playing a musical instrument engages nearly every area of the brain at once. As with many other workouts, disciplined and structured practice in playing music strengthens those brain functions, allowing your child to apply that strength to other activities. Musicians are able to solve problems more effectively and creatively in both academic and soical settings. Watch the whole video below. It’s impressive. 🙂